Daily Scrabble Puzzle

Think you're good at finding scrabble words? Give our daily puzzles a go! Once a day we generate a rack of scrabble tiles and try to find the top scoring words in that set. Can you guess the top scoring words in this puzzle?



This game is pretty simple. We give you a rack of scrabble letters. Use them to try to guess the highest scoring words you can make from that rank. This whole scrabble puzzle is best done using pencil and paper, so you can jot down your best ideas. Each scrabble puzzle has its own unique twists and turns - some can be used to make lots of small, high scoring words. Others have a couple of bingos lurking within them. Stumped and need a hint? Try our Scrabble Cheat (or our sister sites, the scrabble cheat guide or scrabblecheat.me.)